Abaut Bulgari

I am always happy to collaborate and support brands that are dear to my heart but mostly share the same values. One of this brands is Bulgari, who's charity support for Save The Children is outstanding. This year the brand have created especially designed Save the Children rings and pendants to support the education of thousands of children around the globe!
60£ of each sold ring or pendant goes to Save The Children , Bulgari's support world wild has enable the Save The Children to reach over 600,000 children and trained over 200,00 teachers through educational activities in over 1,200 schools.
I think it is incredible that a luxury brand like Bulgari, thanks to the collaboration with Save the Children, can bring help and joy to vulnerable kids. Save the Children has been working with Bulgari since 2009, and the collaboration has raised over £22m for education programmes all around the world. The fact that Buglari helped Save the Children implement 79 projects in 25 countries amazed me – and apparently I am not the only one. Many celebrities posed for the photographer Fabrizio Ferri, wearing the jewels from the unlimited Save the Children collection. Among them, Naomi Watts, Jessica Biel, Adrien Brody, Sting, Olivia Wilde, Simon Pegg and Ben Stiller, but these are just some. I really love when brands and people that are used to deal with huge amount of money dedicate their time and finance to people who are not as lucky.
The pendants and rings are really well-crafted. I find them very elegant and casual at the same time – something that you can wear in every occasion really. I am truly happy to collaborate with Bulgari, and I sincerely hope it could be a good role model for other luxury brands that may help the children who nowadays are in difficult situations.